Dyeing Batch

Dyeing on Hanks on arms (expressed in kg.) 3-5-10-20-30-40-50-70-90-100-120-150-200-300
Dyeing on hanks in lockers (expressed in kg.) 12-30-60-120-260-520-780-1050
Dyeing on cylindrical cones for SILK (cheese from kg. 0,500) 2-16-32-64-112-176-352-528-1056
Dyeing on cones for LINEN (cheese from kg. 1,00) 8-24-48-80-108-216-420-980


Possibility of twisting yarns from nm 3.000 to nm 20.000 from 2 to 12 ply.
Possibility of twisting yarns from nm 20.000 to nm 240.000 from 2 to 8 ply.

Reeling and Rewinding

Possibility of reeling on hanks from 250 to 500 grams and for course counts up to 1,00 per kg.
Rewinding all counts from n° 1.000 to n° 240.000.

Production of Samples

Production of dyed samples in tops starting from 30kg. and yarns dyed on Hanks with lab dip from 3 kg. per