Servizi e Seta is a trading company established in June 2008 by G.Schneider Group and Alberto Enoch, specialized in the production and trading of 100% silk yarns and silk blends with noble fibers as well as 100% linen and linen mixtures with natural fibers, 100% Wool and Wool blends spun on Superfine Semi worsted spinning process.
In 2013 following the joint venture with Jiaxing Huayi Silk & Spun, we are able to offer a wide range of threads in different blends and different spinning process, from the worsted Silk to the semi worsted 100% fine wool, as 100% Silk open end or 100% Linen wet spun as well.
The Schneider Group is an important trader of noble fibers whose commercial strength and important industrial structure is present in Europe, Australia, South America and the Middle and Far East. Since 1928 it has been trading in the most precious fibers including wool, cashmere, alpaca, guanaco, vicuna and silk.
Jiaxing Huayi, is a company founded in 1987 in Tongxiang, the city of Silk, leader in China and in the world for the production of 100% silk yarns and Silk blended with natural and noble fibers, in the new plant which has just been constructed.

Thanks to the direct presence of our structure in China, following a joint venture with Jiaxing Huayi, and the constant control of raw materials, we are able to guarantee our customers the highest qualitative standard and a prompt reply to any market changes.

Servizi e Seta produces yarns for weaving and circular knitting for clothing and home furnishings as well as yarns for flat knitting. Production in the two plants in China has a varied type of technological production:
– Worsted spinning for long silk fibers
– Semi-worsted for short fibers
– Linen Wet Spun
– Open-end System

All dyeing and noble finishing operations take place exclusively in Italy at specialized firms in order to guarantee quality and success.

Servizi e Seta works with direct sales offices in Italy, USA and China, however, through a network of agencies it is present in the main markets of reference.