TSL Gazette

Innovation and softness: some news about our FW 25/26 weaving collection

The TSL Gazette, the magazine of The Style Lift edited by Marco Poli, tells the news of the latest weaving collection. The yarns stand out for their softness and innovation, transforming each creation into a masterpiece of comfort and style.


A look at the yarns for the PE 25 knitwear collection

Textilwirtschaft reviews the transeasonal yarn trends for the Spring/Summer 2025 collection presented during the latest edition of Pitti Filati.

Zoom on fashion trends

Let’s Zoom on Fashion Trends

The new Spring/Summer 2025 collection expands our company’s offering with a vast selection of refined yarns.


The contemporary classic is the new frontier of our collection

Servizi e Seta’s SS 2025 focuses on silk and linen, both individually and in blends with natural fibers. Discover more on Superzoom article.

La Spola

The Spring/Summer 2025 collection on La Spola

Issue 176 of La Spola – Showcase tells the story of the yarn offerings for the upcoming SS25 collection: from organic silk to linen, including certified yarns.


Textile spotlight on WWD magazine

The latest updates on our Spring/Summer 2025 knitwear collection and the opening of the new production facility in Biella.

Knitting Industry

A daring journey into the world of classic crêpe yarns

For the new Spring-Summer 2025 season, Servizi e Seta is expanding its offer with a wide choice of yarns featuring sophisticated texture, spanning pure silk and alluring cotton, cashmere and viscose blends.


The organic silk is now GOTS-certified

The properties of silk are now also available in GOTS certified organic silk. View Magazine talks about it in the last publication.

TSL Gazette

The TSL Gazette magazine interviews Alberto Enoch

Love at first sight for Tussah, the wild silk, a noble and ancient fiber.

Fashion Magazine

Preview of the Spring/Summer 2025 collection on Fashion Magazine

Innovation, traceability and sustainability: the SS 2025 yarn collection looks to the future and expands the range of yarns while maintaining the core values of Servizi e Seta.

The contemporary vision of yarns

The Spring/Summer 2025 collection expands its offert with a wide selection of yarns characterized by refined textures, ranging from pure silk to blends with cotton, cashmere, and viscose.

The SS 2025 Collection was presented during the 60th edition of Filo

Fancy yarns for weaving are confirmed as the best choice for technicality and availability in a wide range of colors. Hence, Superzoom begins to unveil the innovations of the new Spring/Summer 2025 collection.

The trends of the Spring/Summer 2025 collection by Servizi e Seta

The expansion of the collection with the new 100% linen yarn GRS certified is just one of the innovations in the upcoming Spring/Summer collection.

The innovations of the SS 2025 collection

Certified yarns and the new 100% linen proposal: the magazine The Style Lift provides an overview on our Spring/Summer 2025 collection.

Linen in the Spring/Summer 2025 collection

Linen takes center stage in the Spring/Summer 2025 collection.

Alberto Enoch talks about the “Feel The Contest” project

“Feel The Contest,” the International contest for knitwear students organized by Feel The Yarn, is also an observatory of the evolving market.

Servizi e Seta keeping up with the times

Pietro Ferrari from Textures Magazine interviews Alberto Enoch about the developments and steady growth of the company.

Servizi e Seta speeds up sustainability commitment

Servizi e Seta obtained many certifications: for example Oeko-tex 10 Standard, OCS (Organic Cotton Standard), GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), GRS (Global Recycle Standard), European Flax. Moreover, The 4sustainability®materials – dedicated to the socio-environmental impact – and 4sustainability®chem, for the elimination of toxic or harmful substances in the supply chain, are in progress.

Being inspired by Pitti Filati 92, the keyword is “recycling”

Extract of the TextilWirtschaft article with a statement by Alberto Enoch on the future projects of Servizi e Seta and the new production of recycled silk.

The new Servizi e Seta weaving collection for the season FW 24/25

For the FW 2024/2025 collection, Servizi e Seta renews its commitment to the environment, selecting natural fibres and actively engaging in reducing environmental and social impact.

Lastest news for Servizi e Seta: the production comes back to Biella

In June 2023 will began the yard for the realization of the new plant placed in Biella. During the next three years, Servizi e Seta will see the income in Company of new machinery and new staff.

Filo 59 – Feel The Green

It has been an intense week for the Company thanks to two important events: the presentation of the FW 24/25 weaving collection at Filo Exhibition and the participation in the first edition of “FEEL THE GREEN | BEHIND THE STAGE”, an initiative organized by Feel The Yarn®, the registered trademark of Consorzio Promozione Filati – CPF which aggregates some of the most appreciated Italian yarn manufacturers.

Servizi e Seta surpasses its turnover record

It has been published the 2022 annual report made by Fashion Network, one of the most important source of information for fashion, luxury and beauty worldwide. Servizi e Seta, with the production of natural yarns and noble fibers, closed the year with over 800 customers exceeding 21 million euros in turnover.

Overview of yarn manufacturers and trends for the spring/summer 2024 fashion collection

Extract of an article of WWD, the magazine about fashion industry and fashion trends, with a speech by Alberto Enoch on the current situation.

Yarn and innovation at the 92nd edition of Pitti

Extract from the article published by TextilWirtschaft on Pitti Filati 92. Among the interviews, Alberto Enoch talks about the (new) production of silk in Italy.

New horizons for Servizi e Seta

European Flax certified linen and silk are the protagonists of the Servizi e Seta collection for spring/summer 2024.

Interview with Alberto Enoch on the magazine La Spola

The previews on year 2023, the challenge on finding new qualified staff and the new adventure as President of Consorzio Promozione Filati (CPF): Alberto Enoch, CEO of Servizi e Seta, talks with the magazine La Spola

Textures – In the wake of quality

We recently met Alberto Enoch, manager of Servizi e Seta to have a look to the situation on the path of this dynamic company…

Beyond the seasons

Climate change is the theme of Servizi e Seta’s collection, which stands out for its lack of seasonality. The distinction between seasons is, in fact, increasingly difficult to identify and calls for light-weight, trans-seasonal items that are also warm and enveloping and can be worn in layers.